You Are Human Now

2022, Website, Certificate
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Captchas encounter us daily. We click, select, and confirm: 'I am not a robot, I am human.' In the meantime, we perform unpaid labor, sorting images for datasets—we work hard to prove our humanity. Fortunately, there is the internet. Only by completing these tasks do we receive acknowledgment: 'You are not a robot.' The computer itself confirms our admission into the human species.

A Captcha represents hidden and, above all, unpaid labor. Google analyzes and checks many pieces of information in the process: browser and used plugins, IP address and approximate location, the number of clicks, keyboard, or touch actions in the reCAPTCHA iframe, and much more.

"You Are Human Now" views this critically: Giving a corporation all your data and in return, you may now be human and continue surfing.