The World Is Beautiful Again

2023 (ongoing), Website, Livestream
w/ Sebastian Schmieg
commissioned by Fotomuseum Winterthur
Link to Website

"The World Is Beautiful Again" is a project by Sebastian Schmieg and Lina Schwarzenberg that invites the audience to submit photographs via a website, that depict something that they consider should be changed, repaired or removed.

Submitted photos are “fixed” by the artists using AI tools to manipulate the image. The newly created photographs show the world beautiful again – what was once broken is now repaired and newly imagined.

By showcasing the performative process of their AI-generated repair work, the artists playfully question the efficiency-driven and solutionist ideas behind the narratives of artificial intelligence and make the viewer aware of the image’s potential to create simplified models of the world.

– Text: Marco De Mutiis, Digital Curator at Fotomuseum Winterthur