Outside the Bounding Box

2022, Exhibition, Curation, Book & Poster
w/ Bernadette Geiger, Ella Zickerick,
Emmy Krause, Levi Stein, Helena Strauch-Stoll,
Robert Hellwig & Vanessa Wahls

Where does the world end? Does there exist a final frontier, or does something lie beyond? Humans have pondered these questions for millennia. However, when Artificial Intelligence formulates these inquiries within the context of a vacuum cleaner robot, for whom the world comprises the living room, kitchen, and hallway, they take on an entirely new philosophical dimension.

These and similar aspects, often overlooked in current discussions surrounding the key technology of AI, have inspired design students at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden to create semester projects recently showcased at the 'Geh8' art space in Pieschen. Under the theme 'Outside the Bounding Box' and under the guidance of Professors Florian A. Schmidt and Sebastian Schmieg, they approach the question of what 'Artificial Intelligence' can, should, must do - and what it might be better off not doing, from an artistic perspective. They do so through interactive installations, retro adventure video games, texts, and videos."

– Text: Heiko Weckbrodt, Gibt es eine Welt jenseits der Box?